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Aug 10th 2007

Inflation in Argentina: Unenforced?

Robert Wright has a great post about a inflation in Argentina and a law (unenforced) that would really provide greater transparency of the current situation.

[ed: Argentine law in Spanish here]

Without all the legalese, it basically says: Post the % price variation of each product on display with respect to the beginning of the year & the current month. Products covered under price control agreements should be indicated as such so that the merchant’s compliance can be verified.

No way. Seeing this kind of info would be a severe blow to the current powers that be if local supermarkets obeyed the law. No one believes the official manipulated INDEC stats anyway, but to have printed proof contrary to government BS in every supermarket would be devastating.

Kirchner will simply not allow inflation. Change the numbers, not print them…whatever. Inflation is not allowed. Brilliant!

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