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Aug 20th 2007


so reads a sign taped to an overpass in los angeles, equating the current fight in iraq with the vietnam war.

the statement must not refer to the number of american deaths (see exhibit A) but, rather, other stuff, like the anti-american drift of left-wing politics (see exhibit B).

exhibit A: iraq is not vietnam

exhibit B: iraq is vietnam

i can accept an “iraqnam” definition that is limited to exhibit b (frothing-at-the-mouth anti-war sentiment), but not one that includes exhibit a (number of american deaths). also, i am open to another definition of iraqnam, let’s call it exhibit c, if it would depict american politicians in the vietnam era and now tying the hands of the american military and preventing our troops from fighting the war to win it.

see also victor davis hanson.

7 Responses to ““iraqnam””

  1. Curtis

    Do the words quagmire, unwinnable war, massive civilian casualties, and Guerilla resistance mean anything to you?

  2. doug

    fyi: guerrilla is not capitalized.

  3. Curtis

    It sure is capitalizing on our military in Iraq though, very reminiscent of Vietnam. The comparison serves a purpose even though it is not completely comparable. It serves to get the short attention-span-American public the idea into their heads that Iraq is not a place we want to be involved in right now. In that sense, Iraq certainly is a Vietnam.

  4. doug

    It sure is capitalizing on our military in Iraq though, very reminiscent of Vietnam.

    I’m not sure what you’re suggesting…

  5. bnice

    i thought about this just the other day. i compared iraq to WWII. the numbers during WWII were staggering, yet people supported it. the main differences are 1) the greatest generation believed in the cause, 3) media coverage. i also think that people place a higher value on a single life now in comparison with 60 years ago. south paws are capitalizing on human life i Guess?

  6. What interest does the US have other than establishing a reliable Arab state?

    Or do the lefties all claim that those supporting the war are complete loonies? Not in jest, seriously. Because when I see that accusation, I sort of dismiss it.

    Find the alternate agenda and explain it well enough to get people elected out of office. Wait, didn’t the democrats take over congress in 2006?

    I’m confused…we’re still in Iraq.

  7. Curtis

    The main interests we have in establishing a presence in Iraq is control, not necessarily ownership of, but control of oil. The Bush administration does not even try to hide that fact.