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Dec 28th 2009

Janet Napolitano Is Mentally Handicapped

Can you honestly watch this clip and come to a different conclusion?

“The system worked.”


Update: I apologize. Perhaps the title is a bit harsh…to the mentally handicapped. As Doug Ross notes, “On this morning’s talk circuit, Homeland Security head Janet Napolitano achieved the rare feat known as Complete and Total Beclownment.”

Personally, I give her performance a solid B+.

8 Responses to “Janet Napolitano Is Mentally Handicapped”

  1. Contrast this with the Secret Service after the Salahis sneaked into the White House. Immediate ownership of the failure and admission of embarrassment and commitment to prevent it from happening again.

    In this case, we’re told that a terrorist was properly screened and that the watch list he was on did not warrant additional scrutiny. But it bears repeating, it is safe to fly!

    Kudos to Candy Crowley for asking tough questions.

  2. Sherilyn


  3. Sherilyn

    According to CBS and NBC reports, she later changed her mind and admitted that the system didn’t work. I’m still concerned that she didn’t realize immediately….

  4. travis

    the system worked

    correction: government bureaucrats again didn’t do a simple job pushing papers and 200 passengers got lucky when an incompetent, rookie suicide bomber (but aren’t they all?) couldn’t handle his bomb technology.

    what a nightmare that this woman is in charge of our nation’s security.

    didn’t she recently have a separate case of diarrhea of the mouth after another incident? or maybe it was on a hot button policy issue like immigration enforcement or something.

    they need to lock her up and put on that sleep-inducing bore, robert gibbs, whenever anyone wants to interview her. she is quickly becoming the most glib member of this administration, and that is really, really saying something.

  5. In fairness, it does seem like when she says “The system worked,” she is referring to the process after an incident in which airports, flights in the air and different agencies react and share information or something.

    However, that is essentially still the same problem. No admission of failed security measures and counter-intelligence. As head of the nation’s security department responsible for coordination of intelligence and law enforcement, it is illogical to be lauding the effective communication AFTER the averted disaster. Homeland Security was established to communicate BEFORE the averted disaster. We already have FEMA and Congress for feckless action after.

  6. Strike that.


  8. (Ryan F is my name on another blog. I think I entered it out of habit?)

    From the article I link to above:

    Following the attempt to bomb a passenger jet on Christmas Day, President Obama said that “once the suspect attempted to take down Flight 253, it’s clear Homeland Security and Aviation Security took all appropriate actions.”