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Mar 18th 2008

Jeremiah Wright Speaks Six Languages and has Four Earned Degrees!

If he is so smart, does he really believe all the bunk he preaches? For example, he claims the government invented AIDS to kill black people. But we all know it was liberals who introduced abortion to kill Black people!

Retired army general William H. Draper, Jr., a leading figure in Planned Parenthood and the Population Crisis Committee, suggested population control as a solution to urban riots. Referring to 1967 riots in Detroit and elsewhere, he told a business executive that “it is pretty obvious that a great many unwanted children have added fuel to the fire.” He said that “to cure the present ghetto problems and deal with the population question among the poorer parts of our own population . . . will require valiant and much greater efforts than any exerted in the past.” [source: Mary Meehan, The road to abortion (II): How government got hooked, Human Life Review (Winter 1999).]

Back to Jeremiah Wright. Jonah Goldberg wrote this week on why Obama’s two decades cozying up to the bigoted pastor punch his whole candidacy in the gut:

Obama righteously deplores “divisiveness.” And yet he literally worships at the altar of division. He wants to transcend race, but his black nationalist church and his liberation theology pastor consider race permanent and central issues.

Obama claims that he’s a different kind of politician, but his “repudiation” of Wright last week is traditional pol-speak and nothing more. To listen to Obama, you’d think he was the only person in Chicago not to know that his minister is a hatemonger. Either Obama is the worst judge of character in living memory or he’s not the man he’s been portraying himself as.


A 2005 study by the Rand Corp. and the University of Oregon found that nearly half of African Americans say they believe that HIV is man-made. More than 25% think that it’s a government invention, and one in eight say it was created and spread by the CIA. Just over half believe that the government is purposely keeping a cure from reaching the poor.


In the 2005 issue of Social Science Quarterly, Sharon Parsons and William Simmons tried to explain why conspiracy theories like these persist in the black community. Part of the answer, they concluded, is that black politicians have no interest in dispelling them. Paging Sen. Obama!

Read it all: Why Wright is Wrong for Obama.

Scary. Vote Hillary in ’08!

11 Responses to “Jeremiah Wright Speaks Six Languages and has Four Earned Degrees!”

  1. Scary. Vote Hillary in ‘08!

    Scary. Vote McCain in ’08!

    But seriously though, we already knew Hillary had baggage beyond comprehension. Now we simply know Obama is able to start catching up…

  2. doug

    Obama is toast.

    There is no way he wins the general election with this “believe me, not your lying eyes” routine.

    In November the Democrat has to win either Florida or Ohio while holding on to the rest of their map. Obama won’t even be able to hold Pennsylvania or Michigan, much less take Ohio or Florida.

    Barring a major scandal from McCain, it’s over.

  3. doug


    As for Uncle Jeremiah speaking six languages. Three words:

    Gift. Of. Tongues.

  4. Do you think Obama will still win the nomination?

  5. marcus


    It is obvious from the ‘Uncle’ comment that you are trying to effectuate some sinister ‘rah-rah’ within the those who want to regress racially in this society. Until race is truly confronted and not swept under the rug, the disparity in understanding and sensitivities which brood deep in the imminent minds of all us, as a country we will continue to slide into irrelevance in this world. How those in Western Europe mock a seemingly forward thinking and progressive society because we can not work through the remnants of racial injustices which have plagued American since before the Mayflower.

    I am a proud Rephublican, born and bred, but, even I realize that we can not go on without taking these caustic issues head-on. Loosen your collar and breath in the reality that we are facing.

  6. Jared

    I don’t understand your comment. Racial issues are perpetuated in this country by the same people who say it is wrong. (example:Jeremiah Wright)Stop calling people racist or saying there is this great racial divide in our country and the so-called race problem will be solved. Just a side not,the uncle comment comes from Obama himself. He said that Rev. Wright was like anuncle to him. Do your homework first then comment.

  7. doug

    It is obvious from the ‘Uncle’ comment that you are trying to effectuate some sinister ‘rah-rah’ within the those who want to regress racially in this society.

    Uh, no. Obama referred to Wright as being “like an uncle.”

  8. N Chung

    As for Uncle Jeremiah speaking six languages. Three words:

    Gift. Of. Tongues.

    If he’s a Biblical scholar, then they’re probably Hebrew, Greek, Latin, French, and German in addition to English.

  9. Mike

    One problem with your assertion that “the liberals introduced abortion” is that the practice of abortion dates back to ancient times.

    The first recorded evidence of induced abortion, is from the Egyptian Ebers Papyrus in 1550 BC (source: History of Abortion -wikipedia)

  10. travis

    mike, you might recall a sliiiiightly significant supreme court case in 1973 called roe v. wade? that case effectively legalized abortion by finding state regulation of the practice unconstitutional.

    i am aware abortion has existed in the past! but the push to create the constitutional right in the US was orchestrated by liberals, and, as i’ve shown, many of them were motivated by the desire to reduce the black population.

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