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Feb 3rd 2008

Jew or Gentile, you will enjoy this video.

Ladies and gentlemen, Jews and Gentiles, I give you…

Jackie Mason on John McCain.


4 Responses to “Jew or Gentile, you will enjoy this video.”

  1. So true.

    The interesting thing is that even though the MSM totally didn’t buy McCain’s lie and refuted it, they didn’t seem to go out of their way to do it. Plenty of air time to the claim, then a brief statement that the quote & facts didn’t back it up. The story should have been that he lied, not the claim.

    I could easily see Romney destroyed in a matter of days on network TV, cable news, internet news, newspapers and blogs if he had made a claim of similar magnitude.
    McCain lies, and it seems to only get a lukewarm rebuke.

    I’ve heard the media claim that they fulfill a “constitutional role” in informing the public. What role is it if it isn’t balanced? With so much of the electorate driven by the media, it is frustrating to see the influence it appears to have had on elevating McCain.

    Remember the hullabaloo about Romney’s comment about his father marching with Martin Luther King? There was a 2-3 day news cycle that brought up his lifelong hunter comments, his “NRA endorsement” claim and the MLK thing. I don’t recall any of those being nearly as significant a fib (which I wouldn’t even call them) compared to McCain’s lie, yet pound for pound, seems a lot more attention was paid to them than McCain’s dishonest claim & ensuing conduct.

  2. Northmen

    It’s pretty funny to watch all the Mittens supporters come unglued as McCain continues to steam roll the Mittens machine. Keep spending Mittens. Don’t worry Mittens fans, he will carry Utah. Hahahahaha. McCain 08′, headed for the White House.

  3. doug


    It’s actually not just Mitt’s folks…but every conservative out there on the internet. Why might that be?

  4. Northmen

    Sorry Doug, it is not “every conservative”. If that was true, then why is McCain getting conservative votes, or did you miss the S. Carolina and Florida results.

    I see your boy Mittens won a landslide in Maine, all 2,000 votes worth. LMAO.