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Apr 18th 2007

Joakim Noah voted off America Idol

Joakim Noah was voted off of American Idol. What will America talk about on Thursday mornings now?

Joakim Noah look-a-like


3 Responses to “Joakim Noah voted off America Idol”

  1. i think this is the right decision. think about it: if he sticks around, there’s a chance he could get hurt and never be able to cash in on a big-time contract in the NBA. this is a smart decision on the youngster’s part to leave the program early and declare for the draft. also, several of his friends recently announced they were leaving, too, including horford, glocksen, brewer, and scarnato.

  2. Michael

    I wonder how Noah finds time for Basketball between his Idol appearances and his role as Steven/Esteban/Eskeleto in “Nacho Libre.” I have to hand it to him, he is a real talent.

  3. MarilynYvonne

    All of you need a crazy check….This boy is NOT Joakim Noah, Yannick’s son. Pluuuzzzeee. Stevie Wonder can see this………..Still think you got people fooled don’t you? Wow. Can’t believe anyone actually bit this decoy hook…got snatched right outta da water did’t ya? Hah! Serves you right, dummy!!!!!