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Jan 31st 2008

john mccain and satan tied in likeability poll

i’ve taken the poll down for fear that people will actually vote mccain less likeable than satan.

check out the new poll discussing new campaign slogans for the “straight talk express” given the senator’s recent rash of lying.

**correction** it looks like i was too late. with someone’s last vote before i closed the poll, mccain edged out satan for “least likeable” by a single vote.

7 Responses to “john mccain and satan tied in likeability poll”

  1. Oh I don’t know about that. When I was growing up, I was taught that if you lied you would end up in Hell. He has been caught lying several times and the problem is that the MSM gives him a free pass on this. John McCain is the original flip flopper and he doesn’t have a clue about anything, especially economics.

    We did our part here in Michigan for Romney…I will never vote for McCain. I’ll just take the football home – game over. I detest him more than Hillary.

    How about adding “All of the Above” in your poll???

    And why is there a “Support John McCain” Political Ad under “Advertisings”?

  2. t

    good work in michigan, james. that was a key victory over the half-truth train by romney.

    why is there a “Support John McCain” Political Ad under “Advertisings”?

    i suppose people can click it and help cause john mccain’s dwindling funds can run out.

  3. Northmen

    Keep sucking on those sour grapes people. McCain is going to crush Mittens the Morman on Tuesday, and all the screaming by Ann “Scarecrow” Coulter and Rush “Fatty Grease” Limbaugh will not stop the McCain express. The truth is the that talking heads have lied, lied and lied some more, and not find themselves to be irrelevant. They just can’t stand it. Hahahahaha. Vote McCain!

  4. […] results had just come in: 49 to 51, and the next leader of the Free (that was a joke) world, John McJabulon, a puppet well known for his staunch ideals of a One World Militarized Zone, gave his acceptance […]

  5. John McBush


  6. John McCain is my idol. He is a politician with a very strong personality.

  7. John McCain might have been a good US President but the people in the US does not need another Republican, that is why he lost in the election. Obama perfectly states the need of the people in his campaign slogan and that is “change we can”.