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Jul 16th 2008

John McCain on Illegal Immigration: “I’m from a border state”

Big deal, gramps.

In debate after debate, what was John McCain’s pat response to the claim that he is for amnesty?

“I’m from a border state, so I know what to do about illegal immigration.”

That is a non-answer answer, just like his response to questions about the economy (“I’m friends with Jack Kemp”). Below, watch John McCain ignore a question about illegal immigration in his home state of Arizona. It looks like being “from a border state” hasn’t given him any insight into illegal immigration at all.

Of course, I will be voting for McCain this fall. He is horrible, but it is about the lesser of two evils now. John McCain loves illegal immigrants because they are God’s children. Barack Obama loves illegal immigrants because (1) he hates the idea of a sovereign United States of America and (2) he hopes the new arrivals will get hooked on our social welfare programs and become democrat voters for life.

14 Responses to “John McCain on Illegal Immigration: “I’m from a border state””

  1. doug

    Of course, I will be voting for McCain this fall.

    I haven’t made my mind up. And I’m not sure he’s the lesser of two evils.

  2. Brian

    Yeah the thing about the lesser of two evils is they are both still evil.

  3. Jamie

    Zombie Reagan is always a go-to write-in candidate. He’s hip to the youth vote, and you can tell because he has his own CafePress store and MySpace page! Zombie Reagan ’08: Anybody else has no “BRAAAAAAAAAINNNSSSSS!”

  4. Rich JJ

    Claiming Obama hates US sovereignty and works to broaden politically-favorable poverty is a quite over the top. Even if it’s sarcasm, it’s so over the top that it lends support toward the opposite view (much like the recent New Yorker cover which portrays opponents’ attacks as absurd).

  5. Al

    So what do we do? That is the big question. I want to vote my conscience, but it is saying the same thing; they are both evil in comparison to what I think the nation, and for that matter the world needs.

    I’m not sure why, but today I looked up Carter’s Great Malaise speech. I really like that one. What an incredibly stupid political move to give an introspective essay on why you have let everyone down as President, because people feel bad about their lives.

    But I have always been amazed at the honesty of this speech. And I think so much of it holds true for today. At that time we were not at open war with anyone, but with gas shortages and increasing inflation, I think it is an interesting comparison to today.

    I don’t think we need another Carter, but I do think we need someone who is willing to be more courageous than we have ever seen. They are going to have to be to face the decisions they will have to make in the next decade.

  6. travis

    Claiming Obama hates US sovereignty and works to broaden politically-favorable poverty is a quite over the top. Even if it’s sarcasm…

    it isn’t sarcasm, and it’s not even really over the top. i’m sorry if it sounds blunt, but it’s true. the great thing about blogs is we don’t have to sugarcoat it for you like CNN does.

  7. Illegal immigration is a bizarre issue because of the politically correct manner in which it has been handled. It is so perversely absurd that politicians dare not discuss violation of our own international border, but to then have a candidate for President of the United States of America suggest we ought to have our children learn spanish….well, it simply adds to the “missteps” and “awkward” statements he seems to be prone to making that do cause one to question his integrity and loyalty.

    This is the man that publicly refused to reject America hating Jeremiah Wright two separate times before the poor public spectacles Wright made, finally forcing him to do so.

  8. zeezil

    How in the world can the Republican Party get saddled with a nutcase whack-job who knows nothing about economics, is so anti-capitalist he uses “profit” as a term of derision, has never run a business or had any job outside of government, will raise taxes, is so stupid that he believes “stopping global warming” is worth destroying the American economy, won’t drill ANWR to alleviate our energy deficit, won’t appoint strict constructionist justices, won’t protect marriage, would throttle free speech given another opportunity, hasn’t protected the borders in his 26 years in Congress, will give amnesty, citizenship, and a ‘key’ to our country to 20 million illegal aliens (god’s special children in his twisted mind), is beloved by the New York Times in addition to other liberal media, and lives in a delusionary world of suppressed rage and self-appointed war hero vanity?

  9. Steve

    Since McCain is running against Obama, as a conservative I have to vote for Obama.

    Things will get worse with McCain.

    Things will get much worse with Obama. And that is why I am voting for Obama. For things will only get worse with McCain but they need to get much worse for us to survive as a nation.

    Of course a statement like that needs an explanation. And I will do so in the form of an analogy. Do you know how to cook a frog? Well, if you put it in a pot of boiling water the frog will quickly jump out. But if you put a frog in a pot of water that is warm and turn up the heat gradually up to boiling the frog will just sit there not even realizing it is being boiled alive.

    Obama is the one who puts the frog into the hot water and McCain is the one who turns up the heat gradually. With Obama his extremism will cause a backlash so great that America will start electing good leaders to oppose him. It happened in 1980 and it happened in 1994. And it will happen again.

    But McCain he will really be the death of the Republican Party. As I said above things will get worse with McCain and therefore he and the Republican Party will get the blame. And then America will elect a Democrat in 2012 for President. And if recent history has shown us anything it has shown that the Democratic Candidate has been getting increasingly extreme. So I can’t tell you who the Democrats will put up that year but I can tell you that person will be as extreme if not more extreme than Obama. So, how long are we putting off having an Obama-like President? Four Years?

    And meanwhile McCain has shown that he wants to drive conservatives and conservatism away from the Republican Party. For those of us who believes that the only solution to our country’s problems, it is unacceptable that neither of the two major parties represents conservative values.

    So, I am left with the ultimate act of “tough love”. Not to say there aren’t hard times ahead for there is but that is true with McCain as well. But at least with Obama there is hope that things will get better after him. With McCain all hope is lost.

  10. travis

    steve, thank you for making an excellent point. you have reminded me that i am less sure of my vote than i thought. voting is very personal to me, and i am very particular about things that are personal to me. as a conservative, i do have trouble voting for and helping to elect someone who isn’t really even a conservative, especially when he may do even more damage to the already much maligned (R) brand. originally, a few days after mitt got out of the race, my sentiment mirrored yours. in a post entitled, how i will support john mccain over hillary clinton, i said:

    it is highly, highly unlikely i will support john mccain over hillary clinton or barack obama. for me to do so, the following must occur:

    (1) john mccain must choose mitt romney as his vice presidential running mate.

    (2) i must expect john mccain will die very, very soon (before or shortly after the january 2009 swearing-in ceremony)

    otherwise, hillary or barack deserve conservatives’ support. let me explain. if john mccain is the president, it will be harder for conservatives to get their elected officials to oppose his proposals, just as conservatives have struggled to oppose bush’s liberal policies.

    if mccain is elected, say hello to amnesty for illegal aliens, questionable judicial appointments, maybe even socialized medicine, and other, similar debacles. if hillary is elected, at least there will be people willing to oppose her (and bill’s) plans.

    if it is between mccain and obama, i would still probably prefer obama over mccain. i don’t believe obama is quite as liberal as he has cast himself in his primary campaign. and although both would govern as liberals, barack is at least a likeable man. he hasn’t cheated on his wife and he is a positive guy, and don’t even get me started on the social significance of america electing a visibly multi-racial man as president. as president, he would have the training wheels on for a while, sure. in my opinion, that is better than having nothing but horrible laws to show for 25 years in congress, as in john mccain’s case. i don’t want america run like mccain has run congress for the last quarter century.

    there. to sum up this stream-of-consciousness post, i would prefer liberals to get credit for their bad policies or for there to be legislative gridlock until america elects a conservative to govern. if necessary, mitt will be there to pick up the pieces in four years.

    so i agree with what you’ve said, and i guess i am less sure of my vote than i thought i was.

  11. tom kolen

    I have just reviewed Senator McCain’s senate voting record on immigration; what torrential wishy-washiness and flip-flopping!!!! What part of “an illegal invasion” does the good senator (and war hero) not understood? You don’t have to have served in the infantry to grasp this. Here’s my proposal : 1)Forget immigration “reform” and enforce EXISTING LAW; 2) Find out who the illegals are, where they are and commence their systematic removal(state by state);3)Untie the hands of Border Patrol agents and quit hassling them for doing their jobs (they ARE, AFTER ALL, IN A WAR ZONE); 4) Build the border fence and what’s this nonsense about 700 miles? That’s a JOKE, as it’s a 2000 mile-long border; 5)eliminate all incentives for illegals to come here. Lastly, because Senator McCain is so clueless about this matter, I think he should do a two-week tour of the border and what BP agents have to deal with every day. I’ll confess, too, that I’m not entirely objective : Anyone who thinks it’s such a great thing having all these illegals here needs to try having a traffic accident with one of them. Trust me, it’s enough to make the biggest pro-immigrant DOOFUS sing a different tune.

  12. tom kolen

    Correction : the 10th word in sentence 3 should read “understand”

  13. Dakota

    I am a 7th grader doing a school debate about the two party’s. I also believe that John McCain is the lesser of two evils.

  14. Scott Eley

    Children being molested by illegals??? That is ridiculous.