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May 2nd 2009

Jon Stewart Handed His Lunch on WWII History

4 Responses to “Jon Stewart Handed His Lunch on WWII History”

  1. Dr. Richard Kimball


  2. Stewart has since apologized for calling Truman a war criminal.

    I watched a good portion of Jon Stewart’s initial debate when he made the comment. The thing that stands out the most to me in the torture debate is basically, how hard it is for most people to define what torture is.

  3. travis

    more problematic than just uttering the expression, “yes, harry truman was a war criminal” is how stewart (and liberals in general) got to that point.

    first, he got his facts wrong. unbelievably wrong, as bill whittle shows in that video. ie, we did warn civilians, we didn’t have tons of atomic bombs to waste on “warning drops”, the bombed cities did contain strategic military and industrial targets, not just villagers, the japanese were not going to “surrender anyway,” and the bombs ultimately did save US and japanese lives.

    second, he had to have a flawed view of war, justice, and history in order to even be on the same mental plane wherein he could entertain the idea that harry truman might be a war criminal. it is the same kind of idiocy that tries to convince the world our enhanced interrogation techniques (like harmless caterpillars) are torture.

    good for him for apologizing for the worst of his stupidity, but he hasn’t done anything to fight its root causes (if you will).

  4. Yeah, I agree that since he apologized, it doesn’t mean that the underlying ideology that made him say that go away. And his apology was pretty weak sauce…all peppered with sheepish humor.