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May 9th 2009

Kentucky Fans, Get Excited

“If they get John Wall and Jodie Meeks comes back, they’ll be ready to take on the Atlanta Hawks,” Vitale said. “Never mind the NCAA title. They’ll be going for the NBA title.”




4 Responses to “Kentucky Fans, Get Excited”

  1. Al

    Well that is pretty exciting!!! I need to get ESPN so I can at least see the highlights from out here in Utah. I miss watching UK games!

  2. Mike

    I sure am excited. The team had a great season, almost winning the NIT and tying for 69th place in the country. Woo-hoo!

    Although I’m not sure the rest of Wildcat Nation has the time to get so involved in Calipari Madness, what with the Klan’s legal troubles in Kentucky keeping most of the fan base otherwise occupied.

    But I guess the Lexington faithful will have more motivation to participate this year since I think the game is at Rupp–they can combine what have become their two favorite activities when Sosa puts the nail in their coffin again: watching basketball and feeling jealous of the Ville.

  3. doug

    It is telling that Pitino is shopping for NBA coaching offers…

    Calipari can build Top 10 programs from zero. He’s starting with a lot more than zero at Kentucky.

  4. bnice

    what does dickey v have against the hawks?