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Oct 13th 2007

kentucky football is for real

i wasn’t a believer before. for example, here is a recent email exchange between doug and me:

Subject: UK
From: Doug
To: Travis
Date: Sep 28

When are you going to blog about UK football?

my response:

i still feel like its too good to be true.

no longer.

early last fall, i was so frustrated with rich brooks (win-loss record at UK then: 12-29) and the team (who had just lost 49-0 to LSU), i included the following language in a sample partnership agreement i turned in for a business law class:

[the partners] are required to devote their full time, effort, and attention to the Partnership. No Partner shall join any bowling league. No Partner shall ever, under any circumstances, purchase tickets to and/or attend a University of Kentucky football game. There is no reason for such behavior, and it will not be tolerated.

obviously, i spoke too soon. kentucky football is for real. they have beaten several worthy opponents this season, have a 6-1 record (making them bowl-eligible!), and have now beaten the #1 team in the nation. they are 10-2 since getting their lunch handed to them in baton rouge last season.

i guess the team has earned immunity from ridicule in my future legal drafts.

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