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Jan 8th 2007

kos uncovers conservative media bias!


and it is (drum roll, please): a draft version of an AP story mentioning the possibility that the US could win the war in iraq! sin of all sins! (any reference to victory was, of course, absent from the final version). here’s how dailykos parsed the story:

kos loon: what follows from the original version could have been written by the White House:

AP draft (which i can’t verify because the link from daily kos is bad): Next week Bush will unveil a new Iraq strategy that entails political, military and economic steps to win the war. The military solution, which has attracted the most attention and skepticism from Congress, is expected to include an increase in U.S. troops, possibly 9,000 additional troops deployed to Baghdad alone.

kos loon: As the AP tells it, Bush has a complete plan “to win the war”….

shame on the AP reporter! good democrats follow the first liberal commandment: thou shalt not consider the possibility of an american victory over any enemy, ever.

liberals, this is a typically pitiful example of your imagined “conservative media bias.”

One Response to “kos uncovers conservative media bias!”

  1. MIke

    The conservative bias is pretty obvious.

    At times the AP has actually mentioned that there are American troops that come home alive, that there are women who (gasp) do not want to abort their babies, and that there are men who are not gay!

    How long can we put up with this right-wing media?