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Dec 21st 2006

last two BYU victories over utah

i’ve spent the last two BYU victories over utah with briant and katie. in 2001, we were high atop the stands at then-cougar stadium, where we saw BYU improbably recover from trailing twice by 11 points to win in the last two minutes:

then, in 2006, we returned home from some vegetarian place in time to see that BYU had fallen behind utah by four points with just over a minute to play. there was no TV coverage for the game in georgia, so we “watched” the final minute intently on ESPN gamecast. it was pitiful. we then put off studying for finals while we looked high and low for some sort–any sort–of video coverage.

to give you an idea of how sparse and shady the coverage was, for several hours after the game, ESPN’s ticker actually said that utah had won 31-27. the following video shows what we missed, and what the real final score was:

(watch for a guy in a santa suit in the first row who grabs his head in despair when BYU scores)

then, these two are videos taken by BYU fans. after you’ve seen the actual play, these capture the impact better than the official coverage could. notice how in both, somebody screams at beck to “run it in.”


i also enjoyed this video from KUTV, where john beck talks about how he knew jonny harline would be open on the left as beck scrambled back to the right:

reporter: when did you see harline?

beck: i’ve played in so many backyard pickup games, [and i know] that when you’re running around, the [defense] wants to make a play just as bad as you, so they’re following your eyes. and i know as i move one way or the other, always look back. always see who’s back on the other side. and jonny was there. [source: KUTV – john beck talks about throwing the golden pass ]

7 Responses to “last two BYU victories over utah”

  1. briant

    great to relive those memories. sorry about the lowsy coverage in georgia, but everyone got screwed this year with the mwc tv deal. also, you failed to mention how we got attacked by ROTC psychos when we rushed the field in 2001.

  2. Travis,

    You are no doubt aware that the (now officially) BYU IceCats are 2-0 versus U of U, outscoring them 24-4 so far this season. Payback for all those seasons where they whupped-up on us, eh?!

    Coach Gantt
    BYU IceCats

  3. doug

    I get chills watching those videos.

    Go Cougars!

  4. we got attacked by ROTC psychos

    i think i still have scars. i have only been able to get over it with hours of counseling.

  5. (now officially) BYU IceCats

    does this mean the scary letters from the BYU trademark office have stopped, and you can put the website back up (

    and how have they made it official? i haven’t seen anything at newsnet about it, so i’d love to hear updates – heck, we’d be glad to host an official press release here at all-encompassingly.

  6. The team’s board of trustees received a letter from the administration on Oct. 20th allowing us to identify ourselves as the BYU IceCats for purposes of joining the ACHA a full members. In addition, a contract was issued by University General Counsel about a month later with some stipulations regarding trademark use, advertizing, press relations, travel requirements, etc. Some negotiations between the board and the BYU folks followed regarding some of the specifics of the contract. I think most of that has been resolved now, so we should be seeing an official press release at the beginning of the next semester.

    As for the website, neither the university nor the team owns the domain. One of the team’s previous GMs currently owns the domain and would need to be contacted about giving it back to the team or the university.

    By the way, not only have we owned the U of U so far this season, but we beat USU 3-1 at our last game of the semester. Our record is 8-7-0-1 and we are ranked 10th in the Western Conference of the ACHA.

    Merry Christmas!

    Coach Gantt
    BYU IceCats

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