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May 17th 2009

Liz Cheney On Interrogations

Great “debate” with Eugene Robinson.



Hat tip: Newsbusters.

2 Responses to “Liz Cheney On Interrogations”

  1. I think the left does more harm than good given the apparently limited nature of the program. They give the impression that we’ve enslaved and tortured everyone we’ve caught.

    On a related note…the idea that we ought to release photographs at a time of war that reflect the worst of the US military defies reason.

    Anyone arguing for their release ought to be given copies of all the photos, on the condition that they hand them out on the streets of Iraq and Afghanistan in standard military uniform.

  2. Paul

    WOW! Go Liz Cheney! She showed some serious grace and skill at combating and exposing a variety of unfounded arguments. She owned that discussion. Poor Eugene. He probably should have stopped his explanations because her responses socked him worse as his points became more desperate. Wow. Go Liz!