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Jun 19th 2008

Lunacy – The Video

Without comment, I bring you Malia Lazu from Oil Change International:

One Response to “Lunacy – The Video”

  1. Coach Edmo

    I know I shouldn’t be surprised by anything some of these happy-faced, empty-headed Neo-marxists say anymore, but still . . . WOW! What an utterly clueless useful idiot. Nationalize anything that impacts the citizenry?!?! Anything? And that bit at the end where Cavuto asks her if she wants to nationalize the media? Yes, that’s first on the list of what “we” want to take over, she says all bubbly and smiley!?! Man, Jonah Goldberg was right to put that “Have a Nice Day” Smiley Face with the Hitler mustache on the cover of his book _Liberal Fascism_.