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Oct 17th 2014

Maybe Ebola is nothing. But acting like it’s nothing is irresponsible.

It would be great to have the United States government taking every precaution for its citizens, instead of declining to take basic safety precautions and telling its citizens to just calm down.

A Dallas healthcare worker who treated Thomas Duncan (the guy who died from Ebola in Texas) flew commercially to Cleveland and back with CDC permission, and then tested positive for Ebola, potentially exposing hundreds of other people across the country to the illness. A healthcare worker who handled fluid specimens belonging to Duncan ended up on a cruise ship (because contagious diseases never spread like wildfire on cruise ships). The US is now trying to get her home.

Listen to this awesome statement from Belize. Oh, that our government might be this responsible:

The Government of Belize said in a statement hours earlier that it had denied a request by U.S. officials to use a Belizean airport to transport a cruise ship passenger considered to be a very low risk for Ebola.

“The passenger never set foot in Belize,” the statement said. “When even the smallest doubt remains, we will ensure the health and safety of the Belizean people.”

Texas health worker isolated on cruise ship over possible Ebola contact

After the last few weeks here in America, I guess it is just so weird for me to hear a government take such a bold stand to keep it citizens safe.

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