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Jul 8th 2008

McCain Will Lose

The latest ad from McCain:

Sorry, this is not going to work. Kerry already tried the “And I served in Vietnam, did you know that?” routine. It. is. a. loser.

I used to think that McCain would beat Obama, perhaps handily, because Obama is so obviously unproven and inexperienced (and hilariously left-wing). But no, disaster will not be averted. It has become clear in the past month that McCain will not win this election. He is the Bob Dole of 2008.

10 Responses to “McCain Will Lose”

  1. Is it just me or did the voice over guy sound a lot like Fred Thompson?

  2. bnice

    I have always thought the Bob Dole comparison is spot on. Old…very old….crusty old…war vet, who lights up the room like a black hole.

  3. My 84-year old grandfather loves the ad. At least he will carry the senior citizen vote.

  4. Tom Hagen

    If your right, does that mean we should expect to see McCain in a Viagra commercial come next year?

  5. …and diet Pepsi.

  6. McCain should be ripping into Obama on his recent comments about Iraq. Hold his feet to the fire and burn them all the way to November.

    Even though McCain lied about Romney during the primary, I honestly think that the debates are going to be great when McCain tells Obama off as a naive modern hippie.

  7. C’mon guys, fundamentally flawed candidates can only do so much.

  8. Al

    Oh so true, and yet Obama and McCain are all that is left… And to the left… Maybe McCain got stuck in those army cadences, “left, left, left, right, left…”

    To say that candidates are fundamentally flawed is like saying politicians lie. Of course they are. Or they appear to be, because they are all conflicted. They are bandwagon junkies. The whole lot of them. They try to jump on the most popular bandwagon of the day and say they are leading the charge in this direction or another. “Pull out of Iraq.” “Stay the course.” “Socialized healthcare!” “Capitalist healthcare” I don’t really know how you would put that, a market-driven healthcare, but that doesn’t quite right.

    As far as Iraq, any way you look at it, we are staying for some time. Sure we could have troop draw downs, and should pursue that. But just like after the last congressional elections, democrats didn’t pull out completely then like they promised, and they probably won’t now.

    Maybe I’ll eat my words, but if I ever do you better believe I’ll be doing it in my make shift bomb shelter waiting for the other foot to fall, which would come from the Middle East. Extreme, yeah. But not as much as a lot of other people in the world that seem to want to inflict as much pain and damage as possible on us.

    I can’t help but think we are in for some turbulent times if you are right, Doug.

  9. Al

    So after reading that again, I sound pretty fatalistic. I have hope in the good within people. I hope that no matter who wins, they will do the best for the country as a whole. Then we can disagree on what the “best” means.

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