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May 22nd 2009

McClatchy Headline: “Those Crazy Palins”

Last month, Newsbusters pointed out the bias in a McClatchy headline impugning Alaska governor Sarah Palin for the conduct of her extended family, “Those crazy Palins: Todd’s half sister indicted in break-ins.”



Newsbusters wrote:

Has McClatchy ever had any headlines like this: “Those Crazy Kennedys”? After all, there is a wealth of craziness with that demented clan. Or since we recently had Obama’s half brother denied a visa to England over his rape charges — not to mention his illegal immigrant aunt — how about a headline like this: “Those Crazy Obamas”? Did we ever see a headline about “Those Crazy Clintons” when we discovered all the financial misdeeds and drug busts of Hillary and Bill’s extended family? How about Carter? Did good ol’ Billy Carter ever cause McClatchy to say “Those Crazy Carters”?

Yeah….I’m thinking no. McClatchy later changed the headline.

One Response to “McClatchy Headline: “Those Crazy Palins””

  1. SF

    Interesting comparison. Good point.