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Mar 23rd 2009

Mitt Romney: Focus on Fixing Economy, Not on Pet Projects

Mitt Romney on Larry King said that with “the economy hanging by a thread” it is time for Obama to “focus, focus, focus” on one or two important issues rather than try to herd cats as the President has been doing this past couple of months.

The cosmic disorganization of this administration is just stunning. The contrast between a community organizer who has risen to the level of his incompetence and a world class businessman and turnaround specialist is very stark. [Source: John Cronin,, “Focus, Focus, Focus” 3/19/09]

5 Responses to “Mitt Romney: Focus on Fixing Economy, Not on Pet Projects”

  1. I watched his interview the other night. Line of the night from Romney:

    This is a president who is learning on the fly. He’s never turned anything around before.

  2. N Chung

    Focus? But Charles Krauthammer says Obama’s not paying enough attention to Kyrgyzstan and Georgia.

  3. Dr. Richard Kimball

    I totally agree with Romney when he’s talking about the AIG bonuses and the new “bonus tax.”

    The stupid morons in Congress passed the bill allowing the bonuses, now as they realize that the CliffNotes of the bill didn’t tell them about the bonuses, they’re freaking out because they’ve been caught with their pants down in front of the nation.

    Oops! We made a mistake. “Let’s tax those bonuses at 90%!” [Nation cheers]

  4. N Chung

    It was nice of Mitt to lend Obama some of his expertise though.

  5. Focus? But Charles Krauthammer says Obama’s not paying enough attention to Kyrgyzstan and Georgia.

    Mitt Romney was discussing the economy as the critical domestic issue, not to be hindered by other domestic initiatives.

    Krauthammer isn’t saying he isn’t focused, he is calling the Obama administration’s foreign policy approach weak. He doesn’t say Obama isn’t spending enough time on these issues, he thinks he is simply making bad decisions.

    I would like to think the supine posture is attributable to a rookie leader otherwise preoccupied (i.e., domestically), leading a foreign policy team as yet unorganized if not disoriented.

    But when the State Department says that Hugo Chávez’s president-for-life referendum, which was preceded by a sham government-controlled campaign featuring the tear-gassing of the opposition, was “for the most part . . . a process that was fully consistent with democratic process,” you have to wonder if Month One is not a harbinger of things to come.