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Dec 11th 2007

Mitt Romney on the attack

2 Responses to “Mitt Romney on the attack”

  1. Huckabee does seem like a nice guy. But perhaps too nice. He would be a great sheriff in Mayberry, but unfortunately all the bad guys don’t hang their heads in shame and march themselves into the jail cells in the real world.

    As I stated in a article comment I made a couple days ago, we need someone that stands tough on things like immigration. Or when something like Iran gets brought up, we need serious backbone and not analogies of hecklers at church.

  2. N Chung

    Tough on immigration? I guarantee you once he’s in office he’ll back an “amnesty” bill just like he did as governor, just like just about every candidate out there will. All this tough talk is a dog-and-pony show for the base.