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Sep 17th 2008

MLS Goals of the Week

This week features some of the best goals I’ve ever seen from Major League Soccer.

3 Responses to “MLS Goals of the Week”

  1. bnice

    he’s to the twenty, the ten, he may go all the…goal!!!!!!!!

    and kansas city converts their 30 yard field goal try….

    great goals really, but what is up with the football fields? MLS teams that plan on NFL fields have a much shorter field because the NFL logo painters (featured in the Snickers commercial) don’t want soccer players running over their endzone materpieces.

    great goals though. MLS is trying to break through.

  2. That last one was pretty amazing, the spin they get always blows my mind. The second to last one didn’t seem that impressive. Hopefully MLS will become less and less of a joke and gain some popularity in America.

  3. Miguel

    I can honestly say that those are the best MLS goals I have ever watched.