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Jan 9th 2007

more fauxtography from ‘pallywood’

this incredible report is actually compiled with footage from 2000-2002, but i’d never seen it before today. i doubt many have:

here’s a summary of what you’ll see in the video:

  • A man shoots into a building as if he were defending himself; but the building is actually deserted;
  • Civilians direct soldiers and crowds of “innocent bystanders” (extras) how to act prior to filming a scene;
  • Footage of a funeral march in Jenin, after the “Jenin massacre,” where the pallbearers accidentally drop the corpse from a stretcher — and the dead fellow obligingly hops back aboard.
  • But the most telling footage starts about the 11th minute: an interview conducted by a Palestinian “reporter” with a new mother and father and with the doctor who had just delivered their baby at the local hospital. (I wonder if the reporter is a stringer for AP?)

    On the way to the hospital, the reporter discusses with his staff what kind of story he is looking for: the terrible conditions that Palestinians must endure because of the wicked Israelis. At the hospital, the reporter tells the doctor that the young couple must say that the road was so dangerous, they couldn’t get to hospital in time… and the young husband had to deliver the baby all by himself. In fact the doctor had delivered a healthy baby in the hospital few hours earlier.

    Chillingly, all three subjects — father, mother, and doctor — agree; they give the interview, describing the terrible ordeal that never occurred.

  • additionally, like the more recent claims that israeli rockets hit ambulances in qana, a man claims 11 or 12 israeli tank shells hit a hospital. he gives a tour of the damage, which looks more like it was created by perched migratory birds than a sustained military assault


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    1. doug

      Oh yeah, I remember that dude who kept coming back to life. The best clip is of all the people running like bats out of hell when the dude stands up after being dropped.