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Jul 14th 2007

more mistranslated persian idioms

(in this heartwarming video, aqua velvet head, a peaceful man, leads a froth-mouthed crowd in chants of “death to israel!”)

(sounding completely amiable, aqua velvet head, a peaceful man, promises an explosion of anger in the arab world over israel’s ‘corrupt’ existence will soon spill over into the west. absolutely charming! — and probably peaceful!)

“Ahmadinejad is no walk in the park, but he is not guilty of the aspirations you and the secret combinations in power ascribe to him.”

chavez’ idiot, 12 july 2007. (translation: the west’s unfavorable impression of aqua velvet head is merely another zionist conspiracy in a world ruled by evil jews!)

4 Responses to “more mistranslated persian idioms”

  1. doug

    absolutely charming — and probably peaceful!

    If Yasser can win the Nobel Peace Prize, why not Mahmoud?

  2. al

    Good question! I know he has my vote!

    It amazes me when I hear people talk about conditions in the middle east and they have absolutely no idea what is happening in the world. Where would you say the real power exists in Iran? I think that would be an interesting discussion.

  3. Please indulge us.

    Who has real power in Iran?

  4. al

    Who else would have power in a religious state than the leaders of the religion? The Ayatollahs have an incredible amount of power. Look at so many of the groups fighting back in Iraq, often led by religious leaders. Sure the president has power in the government, but who has the power over the people? A devout people, looking to their leaders to be examples of their religion?
    Recently there was a brief clip shown on I believe it was CNN, showing the president getting the blessings of the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. It is interesting, because after he put his hand on Ahmadinejad’s head, he shewed him off the stage. I thought it said a lot.
    But again, don’t get me wrong, of course the president has power and authority. I just wonder how much influence the religious leaders have and use.