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Dec 16th 2007

mormon beliefs: some offhand comments mike huckabee won’t be making to reporters

  • don’t mormons believe in the godhead described in the new testament, not that gibberish made up in the nicene creed?” [source]
  • aren’t mormon congregations run by volunteers, rather than paid, career clergy?” [source]
  • haven’t mormons set up an extremely low-interest student loan program so their people in third world countries can afford to get an education?” [source]
  • don’t mormons believe that much of the true doctrine taught by jesus christ is found in churches today? and that members of other churches who accept jesus christ and try to live by the principles he taught are entitled to divine guidance and inspiration in their lives? and that faithful christians who are not latter-day saints still go to heaven?” [source]
  • haven’t mormons given over $700 million in cash and other assistance to humanitarian efforts worldwide over the last couple of decades? and doesn’t the church absorb its own overhead costs so 100% of donations reach those in need?” [source]
  • don’t mormons set up research centers and make valuable genealogical information available to people free of charge so they can learn their family history?” [source]
  • don’t mormons believe that little children do not have the capacity to commit sin, and that those who die tragically at a young age without baptism will still go to heaven?” [source]
  • don’t the doctrines of mormonism so resonate with people that the church is growing very quickly? and doesn’t the mormon church construct a new chapel somewhere in the world nearly every day of the year?” [source]
  • don’t mormons believe that god loves us today just as much as he loved people in biblical times, so he has authorized servants to speak in his name again, just as he did with abraham, moses, and others?” [source]
  • don’t mormons believe there is additional scripture that compliments and confirms the teachings of the bible and that people can get a free copy of this book from the church so they can read it and decide for themselves?” [source]
  • don’t mormons believe that family time is very important? and don’t they even advise families spend at least one night a week together bonding?” [source] [mormon tv ads]
  • aren’t mormons very patriotic? doesn’t the mormon university, BYU, have the largest ROTC program outside of the various US military academies? isn’t the flag on BYU campus raised and lowered every night out of respect, and doesn’t the whole campus stop at this time while a recording of the star-spangled banner plays on loudspeakers?” [source]
  • etc. (please suggest your own).

who knows if mike huckabee has heard any of these things about mormonism. if he had, certainly it would not fit with his campaign strategy to offhandedly share them with a reporter.

5 Responses to “mormon beliefs: some offhand comments mike huckabee won’t be making to reporters”

  1. Wonderful post Travis.

    Huckabee needs to come clean and stop mentioning how many words were used out of 8000 or whatever.

    It reminds me of how leaders from different churches sometimes call the LDS church a “false religion.” I am really incensed. I think its obvious they don’t like people converting to it and that drives their proclamation of doctrines taken out of context. But to call something a “false religion” begs the question, “What is a true religion?” There are at least a dozen major Christian denominations. Somehow there is an acceptance of this fact, despite different doctrines or claims of authority. It just seems hypocritical to me.

  2. […] to me, those who say this just seem lazy. logging on to a slew of reputable sites, like,, or is much more efficient than asking a candidate for president to talk about his church’s religious beliefs. and i wonder how many of the people saying, “mitt romney needs to explain his mormon faith to my satisfaction” have turned away mormon missionaries who have knocked on their door. i’m not sure how many LDS missionaries serve in the US. there are over 50,000 worldwide. if the numbers of missionaries reflect membership numbers domestically and abroad, then there could be upwards of 20,000 missionaries walking the streets in the US. they would be great people to ask about the church’s beliefs. there are also 6 million mormons in the US. you could ask almost any of them, including this one, or maybe one who lives in your neighborhood. you can also read their magazines, check with their PR department, watch their semi-annual worldwide conference and other broadcasts, read the scriptures they revere alongside the new and old testaments of the bible, or watch their TV spots. […]

  3. Iam not sure mike huckabee has heard any of these things about mormonism

  4. Do the Mormons really believe that there is a ‘capacity’ in Heaven. Y’know, like is there going to be SRO?
    Any comments?


    Comment by Curt —

  5. travis

    Curt, thank you for the question. The short answer to your question is “No.” However, I believe Jehovah’s Witnesses hold this view.

    In Mormon doctrine, there are no preordained people and there is no fixed number who will go to heaven.

    You may wish to read a brief outline of Mormon beliefs about salvation here or Mormon beliefs generally here.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions.