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Feb 13th 2007

Mormon Families – Common Practices

This article was recently submitted to all-encompassingly for publication. It is one of a series of informational posts intended to address widely-held misconceptions about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. –Admin

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon Church) emphasizes strong families as very important to the Church, its members, and to society as a whole. The leaders of the Mormon Church have counseled the members to institute some basic family practices that will help strengthen their families and bring peace and unity to the home. Family Home Evening, family prayer, and family scripture study are the most important of these. What follows is instruction from Church leaders on these three practices.

    Family Home Evening

“Family home evenings should be scheduled once a week as a time for discussions of gospel principles, recreation, work projects, skits, songs around the piano, games, special refreshments, and family prayers. Like iron links in a chain, this practice will bind a family together, in love, pride, tradition, strength, and loyalty.” [FN1]

“Monday nights are reserved throughout the Church for family home evenings. We encourage members to set aside this time to strengthen family ties and teach the gospel in their homes. . . . Church buildings and facilities should be closed on Monday evenings. No ward or stake activities should be planned, and other interruptions to family home evenings should be avoided.” [FN2]

    Family Prayer

“The Church urges that there be family prayer every night and every morning. It is a kneeling prayer with all or as many members of the family present as possible. Many have found the most effective time is at the breakfast and at the dinner table. Then it is less difficult to get the family members together. These prayers need not be long, especially if little children are on their knees. All of the members of the family, including the little ones, should have opportunity to be mouth in the prayer, in turn.” [FN3]

    Family Scripture Study

“Help your children read directly from the scriptures Help them to understand what is said so that the scriptures will become familiar to them. Point out that every Latter-day Saint home should have these books and use them. If you are not now reading the scriptures regularly as a family, discuss how to begin. Decide on a time, a place, and the book you would like to read first. Some families have found early morning, before or after breakfast, to be the best time for scripture reading. Others choose to do it at dinner time or before family prayers at night. Discuss all these possibilities with your family, and decide what is best for you. Emphasize that reading the scriptures only ten minutes or one chapter a day can greatly increase the spirituality of your home.” [FN4]

Members are also instructed to attend church together, have meals together, serve together, and have fun together on a regular basis.

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