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Dec 8th 2007

MSNBC hardball on mitt romney

chris matthews, pat buchanan, and david “no clue” kuo talk about romney’s ‘faith in america’ speech:

Politics of Mormonism
Politics of Mormonism

MATTHEWS: “For the first time in this campaign, it’s long already, I heard greatness this morning.”

2 Responses to “MSNBC hardball on mitt romney”

  1. I’m impressed by the number of people giving the speech great reviews.

    Those that don’t like him will always find a way to criticize. Did you notice the several people mentioning the fact he used the word “Mormon” only once during the speech?

    They want him to discuss Mormonism is detail, but if he did, they would have said it will hurt him because of how “strange” Mormonism is.

  2. travis

    yes, great point, ryan. i made af tivoing as much news coverage as possible on thursday night, and i found journalists’ obsession over that minute detail to be unbelievable.

    i’m preparing a post on that and a few other post-speech topics for monday.