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Feb 3rd 2006

muhammad cartoons reverberate

Saudi Arabia and Syria have recalled their ambassadors from Copenhagen and Libya has closed its embassy. Qatar condemned the cartoons and Danish products have been the subject of a boycott in some Arab countries.

boycotting danish goods. see, now that’s a perfectly acceptable, civilized response.* but let us not, from this hint of sanity, overlook the quote of the year from the head of the terrorist organization hizbollah.**

Hizbollah head Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah (see photo, below) told a religious rally on Wednesday night in Beirut those steps were not enough.

“Can recalling an ambassador and boycotting goods resolve the problem ? The answer is no”, Nasrallah said. “I call on Muslim scholars, leaders and all Muslims to take a firm stand because if we forgive today God knows what they will do tomorrow.” [source]

i repeat. quote of the year:

“if we forgive today God knows what they will do tomorrow…..God knows what they will do tomorrow……God knows what they will do tomorrow……God knows what they will do tomorrow……”

dude, you are the terrorist/bombing/attack/death organization hizbollah. they are a freaking newspaper. get a grip.

terrorist sayyed hassan nasrallah is afraid of newspapers

** (or however one spells it)
* previous coverage here: muslims threaten violence against europeans who depict islam as violent

2 Responses to “muhammad cartoons reverberate”

  1. Al

    but isn’t this why groups like this are so scary, because it doesn’t take much to set someone off when they want to be set off. terrorist groups just wait for reasons to deal out “god’s justice” in their own humble way.

  2. Sana

    We muslims ARE not extremists. its just that when the person drew a picture of hte holy prophet with a bomb on his head, the direct link from him, (a messenger from islam) muslims, and terrorism is what caused so much outrage.