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Jul 2nd 2014

Murrietta, California: Why Obama busing hordes of illegal immigrants around the country is the last straw for virtually anyone who has been paying attention.

Immigration Crisis: Thousands of Children Apprehended at Border

Barack Obama has been the president for five and a half years. Democrats had the presidency and both houses of congress for his first two years. They could have passed any legislation they wanted. They didn’t reform immigration then. They still haven’t. The multitude of actual and potential problems with illegal immigration are well-known and are beyond the scope of this post. For purposes of this post, the problems are assumed.

Yet, undocumented immigrants have practically been invited here by our president. He had an event the other day at the White House with a bunch of illegal immigrant children. Do you think that got any play in Central American media?

Two weeks ago, the Obama administration even honored ten activists and recipients of temporary amnesty at a “Champions of Change” White House ceremony. That prompted Rep. Candice Miller (R-MI), who is the Vice Chair of the House Homeland Security Committee and Chairman of the Subcommittee on Border and Maritime Security, to say the “tone-deaf” event is an example of the type of messaging that is “fueling the unprecedented surge of immigrant children being smuggled across our southern border” by “flaunting the success stories of ten immigrant children who entered the U.S. illegally.”

“How can we expect to dispel rumors throughout Central America that children who enter America illegally will be allowed to stay while simultaneously touting the success stories of a few illegal immigrant children granted de facto amnesty by the administration?” Miller said.


No wonder more than 50,000 kids have come here in less than a year. No wonder they expect “leniency” from Obama’s government.

More than 52,000 unaccompanied children have been detained after crossing the Texas-Mexico border since October in what President Obama has called a humanitarian crisis. Many of the illegal immigrants are under the impression that they will receive leniency from U.S. authorities.

Protests turn back buses carrying illegal immigrant children.

Deportations of criminal illegal aliens (supposedly a priority to Obama) are actually down 40-50% over the last three years. Obama has falsely claimed deportations are up, but this is only accomplished by changing the way deportations are calculated.

The Deportation Lie.

States and municipalities like Arizona and Hazleton, Pennsylvania have tried to take action to address the illegal immigration problem in their communities. Obama and/or the ACLU have sued to block them.

Obama won’t enforce US immigration law. Obama will do anything he can to stop individual cities and states from enforcing any laws touching on immigration. Taxes are way up — especially in California cities like Murrietta — to pay for public benefits and other government expenditures, and Obama now wants to put even more of a burden on America communities for his failure to do anything about the border, all while basically coaxing illegal immigrants to come here? Not to mention: Why is the United States government whisking these folks around the country and helping them find places to stay? Why are we making illegal immigration something the federal government is now complicit in and actually assisting with?

This article is amazing: Homeland Security helps smuggle illegal immigrant children into the U.S. Here is an excerpt:

A federal judge in Texas late last week accused the Obama administration of aiding drug cartels, saying that instead of enforcing immigration laws, agents knowingly helped smuggle an illegal immigrant girl into the U.S. to live with her mother, also an illegal immigrant, in Virginia.

In a 10-page order, Judge Andrew S. Hanen said the case was the fourth such case he’s seen over the last month, and in each instance Customs and Border Protection agents have helped to locate and deliver the children to their illegal immigrant parents.

The judge said in each case, the taxpayers footed the bill for flights — including flights to multiple locations in different parts of the U.S. that it took to find one of the children’s parents.

“The DHS is rewarding criminal conduct instead of enforcing the current laws. More troubling, the DHS is encouraging parents to seriously jeopardize the safety of their children,” the judge said, adding that some of the children have been made to swim the Rio Grande River or traverse remote areas as part of the smuggling.

I speak from a position of actually having worked in the immigration law field for the better part of two years.

The claim that these people are fleeing gangs, violence and abuse is often questionable. The same liberals who clamor to tout Central American violence out of one side of their mouths will wait until the gun debate comes around again and then tell us that the US is the most violent nation on the planet. If true, why would Central Americans come to the United States to flee violence?

Completely independent of that illogical claim, claims for asylum (which the articles discussing these buses allude to) are often extremely tenuous. Women have been granted asylum because their husbands hit them, kids have been granted asylum due to common childhood bullying. The United States is not a haven from violence, domestic abuse, or bullying. But these purported grounds for asylum have succeeded in some cases.

People upset about illegal immigrants coming here set up a mob in Murrietta, California. They stole a page out of the left’s book. But the left can’t take a dose of its own medicine. When liberals do it, it’s awesome. They can poop on police cars to make their point. But when a mob forms to try to peacefully get the government to follow its own laws, then mobs are bad and wrong.

2 Responses to “Murrietta, California: Why Obama busing hordes of illegal immigrants around the country is the last straw for virtually anyone who has been paying attention.”

  1. Mike

    I admit that I did not read the Decision of the federal judge, but did read the linked article. It is incredibly misleading to say that DHS agents assisted in smuggling a child to the U.S. From what i saw in the article, the child was already in the U.S. when DHS agents found her. A child cannot be voluntarily removed from the U.S., so the only legal option is for her to have a hearing before an Immigration Judge. She probably has a hearing scheduled (as her mother probably does) in the future–but I know this jurisdiction (Memphis) is backed up with years’ worth of similar cases. I think DHS really only had two options: release the girl to her mother until her court date or detain an unaccompanied minor for weeks if not months (which is the definition of a legal liability).

    I totally agree, however, with the larger message of the post–there is a loud and clear message to parents in Central America: Just get your kids here by any means possible. Sad for the kids and troubling for the rule of law here.

  2. I agree the word “smuggling” in the article is certainly inflammatory and definitionally inaccurate. Really, it sounds like the kid was here on our side of the border and the DHS just completed the journey.

    It is really amazing to watch this lawlessness all unfold. I mean, to get tips on how long one can expect to stay in the US before any chance of being sent back, just see any newspaper in Central America. From El Universal, July 3, 2014:

    But it also seems that rumors spread in these countries, promoted by some smugglers themselves, are that the US may give amnesty to minors entering United States territory. From the decision of the government of the United States to grant work permits to minor undocumented immigrants living in the country since they were children, called “dreamers,” these rumors claimed more force. While it is not true that children who come now will be given amnesty, laws in the U.S. do require that cases involving these minors be adjudicated in court before the children are deported, a proceeding that takes two or three years, and that reunites them with their family members in the United States during this process. So, while there is no amnesty for young people coming from Central America today, yes there are chances of having a stay of two or three years before being deported.

    Original Spanish: “Pero también parece que se expandieron rumores en estos países, algunos promovidos por los mismos polleros, de que en EU se les dará amnistía a los menores que entren a territorio estadounidense. A partir de la decisión del gobierno de Estados Unidos de otorgar permisos laborales a los jóvenes indocumentados que viven en el país desde niños, los llamados dreamers o soñadores, estos rumores cobraron más fuerza. Si bien no es cierto que a los menores que llegan ahora se les dará amnistía, las leyes en EU sí requieren que se juzguen los casos de estos menores en un tribunal antes de deportarlos, un procedimiento que toma dos o tres años, y que los reúne con sus familiares en la Unión Americana durante este proceso. Así que, si bien no hay amnistía para los jóvenes que llegan desde Centroamérica hoy en día, sí hay posibilidades de tener una estancia de dos o tres años antes de ser deportados.”