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Jul 22nd 2008

My Wish List for the Next President

Here is a glimpse into my decision-making process before I unenthusiastically decided to back McCain for president. This is my “wish list” for the next president, and neither candidate really fits:

1. Dramatically Increase Domestic Energy Production (both conventional and alternative sources)
2. Lower Taxes that Affect the Middle Class
3. Make Crossing the Border More Difficult
4. Make Remaining Here While Undocumented Less Desirable
5. Overhaul the Current Employment-Based Health Insurance Model (while keeping health care private)
6. Bring Our Troops Home after Victory in Iraq
7. Appoint Conservative Replacements for Stevens and Ginsburg (if the opportunity arises)
8. Imprison All Those Deemed Responsible for the TV Show “Moment of Truth”
9. Not Flip-Flop
10. Stand Up for Conservative Principles
11. Free Me from My Long-Held White Guilt Complex

I have estimated the likelihood my wishes will come true. As I have said before, McCain’s percentages would be higher if he picked Mitt for Veep, then kindly died.

1. 25%
2. 10%
3. 0%
4. 0%
5. 10%
6. 100%
7. 25%
8. 0%
9. 0%
10. 0%
11. 0%

1. 10%
2. 0%
3. 0%
4. 0%
5. 0%
6. 10%
7. 0%
8. 0%
9. 0%
10. 0%

2 Responses to “My Wish List for the Next President”

  1. Mark N.

    I think it’s time that Americans stop looking to the President as if he were a king, and that everything will be set aright if we can just get the right guy voted in there.

    I’m not sure there’s much hope left for the United States at this point. Our values have become so diverse, there’s little that we, as a nation, can agree upon.

    Here’s an interesting article that pretty much lays out the case that America has sold itself out, and the piper is about to come calling for payment:

  2. “5. Overhaul the Current Employment-Based Health Insurance Model (while keeping health care private)”

    The answer may lie in the Swiss model, which is (I think) where Mitt Romney’s model was coming from…. It is a purely private system, with the only govt interference being that everyone must have basic health insurance coverage (self-paid), but the insurance co’s are not allowed to make a profit from them, so they are fairly inexpensive. Insurance companies sell enough of the better-than-basic ones to make a profit and stay in business. I also hear that even the basic covers much more than you might think. Of course, their population is much smaller than our own, but maybe we could learn some lessons anyway.