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Sep 21st 2006

Nancy Pelosi: Hugo Chavez is a Thug

Nancy Pelosi gives Hugo Chavez a verbal beatdown.

“Hugo Chavez fancies himself a modern day Simon Bolivar but all he is an everyday thug,” House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi said at a news conference, referring to Chavez’ comments in a U.N. General Assembly speech on Wednesday.

“Hugo Chavez abused the privilege that he had, speaking at the United Nations,” said Pelosi, a frequent Bush critic. “He demeaned himself and he demeaned Venezuela.”

The marvels of an election year! 🙂

2 Responses to “Nancy Pelosi: Hugo Chavez is a Thug”

  1. The fight for conservatives needs to get picked up in high gear, in Wisconsin and all over the world. I have great discussions going on over at my blog, stop on over everyone and get energized about November

  2. Nancy, he stole the spotlight from you and told it like it is.