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Apr 23rd 2012

New Sarah McLachlan Animal Cruelty PSA Featuring Bo Obama?

Special thanks to for the production of this PSA.

For years, we have been hearing from leftists with complaints about how Mitt Romney transported his dog, Seamus, on a family vacation in 1983. He put the dog in a wind-protected crate on the roof of the family car. He is accused of being cruel for not putting the family pet inside the car.

It is not a timely story. It is not relevant to Mitt Romney’s fitness for the office of the president. It is rarely reported using accurate facts. Yet the story has persisted. It has been already been covered extensively. Likely, dozens more articles will still be written about the “incident” in leading newspaper, magazine, and online publications the next six months before the election.

In January 2012, President Obama’s chief campaign advisor, David Axelrod, tweeted a photo of Obama in a presidential limousine with first pet, Bo Obama inside. Axelrod remarked snidely: “How loving owners transport their dogs.” This was meant to be a jab at Romney.

Last week, blogger Jim Treacher noted Barack Obama’s own words from Mr. Obama’s own memoir in which the president fondly recalls eating dog meat. The president states he was “introduced” to dog meat as a child in Indonesia and explained that the dog meat was “tough.” Jim Treacher merely publicized this information.

Imagine the shock of conservatives who had heard Romney harangued about the Seamus incident for years and years, only to discover that Obama’s prior treatment of dogs was much worse than Mitt Romney’s (The dogs in the Obama stories always died, you see).

Only no one has been asking Barack Obama about eating dogs as a child, or why he wrote about it in the mid-1990s like it was a cute thing to do.

Some have even defended Obama by claiming attacks on him for eating a dog are attacks on a child. Yet this is something that Obama wrote about in the 1990s as an acceptable cultural norm in Indonesia. He also wrote about tiger meat (hopefully from a species of tiger not on the endangered species list).

The excerpt about dog meat comes right in the middle of a swelling tribute to Lolo and Indonesian culture that Barack Obama writes about affectionately:

That’s how things were, one long adventure, the bounty of a young boy’s life.

Today, has solicited the assistance of to create a Sarah McLachlan “Animal Cruelty”-style PSA to address this situation.

Update: Thanks to Jonah Goldberg at NRO for the link (and providing the #prayforbo campaign inspiration).

3 Responses to “New Sarah McLachlan Animal Cruelty PSA Featuring Bo Obama?”

  1. Giving new meaning to “Scooby snack”?

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  3. BTW, no dogs or tigers were eaten or harmed in the making of this PSA….