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Jan 19th 2008

No words suffice. Just watch.

You may be tempted to believe that this video is from The Onion. But it is ohsoreal.


“I’m not taking off my glasses.”

Busted Tees already is already hawking the merchandise.

3 Responses to “No words suffice. Just watch.”

  1. Jamie

    The reason this looks like a spoof to me has less to do with the super-slacker of a teenager and more with the overbearing newscaster turned societal matriarch…it would appear that both of the people in this clip have a serious attitude problem. Is this from an Aussie investigative journalism show?

  2. doug

    I’m not sure what show it is. I seriously thought it was The Onion (those video “news” segments they do) the first time I watched since I’m not up on Aussie TV and didn’t recognize channel “9”.

    Anyways, ask your brothers! 😉

  3. jonno

    This is for real. This is on channel 9 in Australia. The program is called A Current Affair. This is about a party that this guy threw while his parents were away. He posted an open invitation on myspace to everyone who wanted to to come over. Over 450 people turned up and started trashing everything in sight. The neighbours called the police who sent the dog squad, helicopters, 40 police and the riot squad. All hell broke loose, there were cars trashed, the street looked like a war zone. The kid in the video is the jerk who caused all of this and the reason he would not take off his glasses was because he had the biggest black eye and did not want his parents to know (his girlfriend gave it to him) as they were not back when this was taped. This guy is known in the area as a smart ass. I know this guy very well and was at this party. Nobody except him knew about the myspace invite until after this happened. I feel sorry for his mum and dad who are really nice people.