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Sep 9th 2009

NYT on Bush Economy: Nothing but “McJobs”; NYT on Obama Economy: Boundless Opportunities for “Profound Reassesment”

During the Bush administration, the Times and other media outlets routinely disparaged job creation as somehow beneath the dignity of the workers, even as wages rose and unemployment fell. The work was demeaning and mundane, and the pay inadequate. Every chance they had to use anecdotal complaints about supposed burger-flipping or paper-shifting wound up in front-page stories about how deceptive the Bush recovery was.

Now that the Obama administration has utterly failed to control job losses through its stimulus package, the Times shifts gears. Now work itself was demeaning, and unemployment is liberating. People can volunteer for political campaigns and come home tapping their toes and singing a song! The jobless can now have “profound reassessments”!

Ed Morrissey, NYT Highlights Funemployment in Democratic Recession, Hot Air, September 8, 2009.

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