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Sep 17th 2009

Obama Cancels Missile Shield for Poland

On the 70th anniversary of the Soviet invasion.

You cannot make this stuff up.

2 Responses to “Obama Cancels Missile Shield for Poland”

  1. Dr. Richard Kimball

    ?? ?????. ??? ??????.

  2. Ryan F

    Apparently the President and Secretary Gates are changing the way that it gets deployed, but not scrapping missile defense as a whole.

    Different types of missiles, etc…whatever. As long as they work I’m happy. It sounds suspiciously like the missiles that Bush was putting in cost a lot more and weren’t as tested in real world conditions. But it begs the question, why were we putting those types of missiles in there in the first place? Why didn’t we just go with existing systems as this new plan suggests?

    The other thing I would pay attention to is how the Poles and Czechs feel when its all said and done. They signed up to do this thing in exchange for military assistance in equipment and training or something. Right now, it sounds like the Polish President is “cautiously optimistic.” (see CNN article here)

    But we’ll have to wait and see. If this is a win-win for US-Russian relations, great. If not…given that Obama is in charge, you always want to assume things will get worse than an original announcement of policy. (Oh snap! I criticized President Obama. I must be racist.)