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Sep 7th 2008

Obama: Standing up to his own party.

Hilarious pwnage [editor: what is pwnage?].


Unanimous Consent We Can Believe In™

Hat tip: Hotair.

3 Responses to “Obama: Standing up to his own party.”

  1. Al

    Brilliant! These are the questions I think many have been waiting to be asked!

  2. Miguelito

    I’m not sure why it matters that Obama has not gone against his party. Isn’t that why he is in the party–becasue he agrees with its platforms?

    That is why I have joined teams, schools, a church, etc.–not becasue I feel like I need to fight against them, but becasue I want to be a part of them.

    Obama certainly has his obvious flaws, but I don’t see this as one of them. And McCain’s little ‘Maverick’ stance is hardly the great attribute that he seems to think.

  3. doug


    Agreed, going against the party isn’t a requirement for president. The rub is that Obama is explicitly running on a concept of being “post-partisan” and other such nonsense, when in fact he is among the most party-line members of his caucus.

    Wallace calling out Axelrod on these unanimous consent “votes” was genius. It exposed the talking points of “ethics reform and nuclear non-proliferation” as a complete ruse.