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Aug 25th 2010

Obama Will Not Rest!*

*Results may vary. See store for details.

President Obama has taken a lot of vacations. One blogger points out:

Obama spent nearly four years trying to convince the public that he not only was qualified for the job, but that he actually wanted it. And enough people bought into his hope and change to give it to him.

The same blogger posts this graphic (click to enlarge):

The entertaining chart doesn’t show it, but President Obama has golfed about 40 or 50 times during his presidency, in addition to these other breaks. There is nothing wrong with golfing or vacationing, but for a couple of things:

(1) The President repeatedly criticizes other people for vacationing in such places as Las Vegas.

(2) As Mark Levin notes, President Obama repeatedly promised us he would not be resting:

APRIL 9, 2009 – “And we will not rest until we reach a day when not one single veteran falls into homelessness”

MAY 11, 2009 – “I will not rest until the dream of health care reform is finally achieved in the United States of America”

NOVEMBER 2, 2009 – “We will not rest until we are succeeding in generating the jobs that this economy needs”

NOVEMBER 23, 2009 – “I will not rest until business are investing again, and businesses are hiring again”

JANUARY 28, 2010 – “We will not rest until we build an economy that’s ready for America’s future”

MARCH 5 2010 – “I’m not gonna rest & my administration is not gonna rest in our efforts to help people who are looking to find a job”

MAY 26, 2010 – “We will not rest until this well is shut, the environment is repaired and the clean up is complete”

JULY 8, 2010 – “My administration will not rest until every American who is able and ready and willing to work can find a job”

Follow the link and you will see this has been put into a handy presidential audio montage.

None of this stuff is done yet Obama is resting all over the place like your fat uncle after Thanksgiving dinner. I mean, give me a break.

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  1. Thanks for the link. I figured I’d just cover the regular family vacations–the golfing gets enough coverage on its own!