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May 27th 2009

Obama’s Gitmo Fairytale

Via Ace:

Karl Rove keeps making that point that when Obama first weighed in on [closing Gitmo], in 2007 I think, he said it was, quote unquote, “easy’ to close Gitmo.

And in yesterday’s speech? “Difficult,” etc.

Our President, Mr. Wizard, Mensa Chapter President, was pretty stupid in claiming it was “easy” to resolve these issues, eh?

Again: Thank God we don’t have Sarah Palin bumbling around the White House. She stupidly said things like “these are difficult issues” during the campaign, proving how dumb she was. She was stupidly, prematurely aware of the difficulties involved.

Obama brilliantly realized they were difficult at precisely the right genius moment, a year or two later.

That’s really the sign of brilliance, you know. We should give credit for scientific discoveries not to the guys who thought of them first, but who thought of them second, third… six bazillionth… years after the initial discovery.

One Response to “Obama’s Gitmo Fairytale”

  1. On “This Week with George Stephanopoulos,” George Will basically said he same thing during the round table discussion. That being that since Obama was sworn in, there have been minor “packaging” changes. Most is still intact from Bush’s terms.

    The best has got to be Obama selling his decision as a principled process. “Now let’s be clear, I’ve always been consistent…”

    And so it goes.