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Aug 3rd 2006

offer: $100,000 if landis takes polygraph

details at

6 Responses to “offer: $100,000 if landis takes polygraph”

  1. LucyC

    It looks like Landis has a fight in front of him. I just read this article that the second test was also positive for exogenous testosterone at a ratio of 11:1 (compared to 4:1).
    Of course I also read or heard somewhere that Landis’ testosterone level was being compared to the average Frenchman’s level!!

    So what do you gentlemen think about what is going to happen with Landis?

  2. i kind of agree with the people interviewed in this article.

    i don’t believe landis, the string bean, was doping. if he was, then that’s horrible. he should be stripped of the title, just like anyone else should be. but these are my concerns:

    (1) french judges don’t have the history of fairness that we expect from our official arbiters (see 2002 pairs figure skating judge that cut deal with the russians, and previous and relentless doping allegations about lance armstrong, all lies).

    (2) floyd landis is a string bean. maybe they have some special testosterone drugs for cyclists that are different than the stuff barry bonds gets, but i don’t really get how he has the body of a 90 year-old grandmother and gets accused of doping.

    (3) he passed, what was it, eight other doping tests during the same tour? but they want us to believe he took drugs, specifically testosterone, for one day? like some kind of superman potion that makes him temporarily invincible?

    all that said, i find all of the various excuses of the athletes accused of doping to be pretty hilarious. barry bonds claimed he was told he was getting a “rubbing balm for arthritis” and never noticed he was putting on about 100 pounds of muscle.

    justin gatlin (sp?) said his masseuse sabotaged him.

    landis’ excuse was that he was dehydrated, which sounds silly, too.

    in the end, whether he is proven guilty or ultimately vindicated, it is a very sad situation.

  3. doug

    I sense a Top Ten Doping Excuses list coming from Travis… 🙂

  4. LucyC

    It sounds like he is going to fight back. I don’t really follow this sport, but I was really impressed with another American winning. I think Landis would have been extra careful to keep clean especially given all the grief Lance Armstrong went through last year. I have to keep asking myself if I am fairly assessing the situation or am I just automatically jumping to Landis’ defense since he is an American and the accusers are French? Here is another link:

    I hope he fights back and wins.

  5. LucyC

    This is OT, but here is a really great link about how the press is recycling the same photos over and over to try and paint a pro-Lebanese, pro-Hezbollah, anti-Israel picture:

    This lady’s picture was posted by AP on 08/06/06 and by Reuters on 07/22/06 supposedly for different attacks and if you look it is different photographers who took the picture. This follows all the doctored fake pictures by Reuters this past weekend. The bloggers are all over this one and I just love it!

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