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Oct 26th 2004

“oh, yeah! because democrats care about rights!”


the other day, a BYU professor used an instance of some protesters being shooed out of a bush rally to take the moral high ground and declare that no democrat would ever do such a thing.

i commented on his post, and noted that democrats DO repress opposing viewpoints, using such effective (but illegal) methods as trespassings, breaking and enterings, drive-by shootings, arson, office invasions, theft, and vandalism (of campaign headquarters, homes, cars, and other property belonging to republicans).

he responded by claiming that, OF COURSE, this is what ALL people do, both democrats and republicans, but john kerry doesn’t do these things, nor does he condone them! kerry’s campaign and party would never do something so egregious as kicking protesters with opposing viewpoints out of a rally! “Kerry and the Dems don’t believe in tramping on people’s rights [but republicans do].”

but kerry DID do exactly what political juice claims bush did–on at least one occasion. [part I] [part II] maybe kerry was for his opponents’ rights before he was against them?

and then there’s this story: women forcibly dragged from john kerry abortion rally. (thanks to ed for pointing me to the stories).

democrats, as a party, take the moral high ground on the issue of free speech. they claim to want it all, no matter how offensive. (that’s how we get international A.N.S.W.E.R. in the US calling for an intifada here, and pr0nography popping up on half the sites on the internet–that speech is fine and cannot be regulated in any way). but when someone puts up a “bush/cheney” sign, WATCH OUT! it’s hate speech! when someone supports traditional marriage, WATCH OUT! it’s discrimination! their voices should be stifled, and if possible, their property destroyed.


yes, democrats still claim the high ground in support of “free speech”…just as long as that speech is, “F— BUSH” spray painted hastily–but sensitively–across your SUV.

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political juice describes the wording on protesters’ t-shirts at the bush rally: No anti-Bush slogans, no John Kerry stickers or buttons. Just “Protect My Civil Liberties.” but the language on apparel worn by protesters at the kerry rally was even more bland: “dedicated to the defense of all human life” [link]. the first is an imperative statement, the second is merely declarative.
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story about protesters being denied free speech at a kerry campaign rally.

clearinghouse of stories of intolerance by the party of “tolerance”

stanley kurtz gives NRO corner readers’ stories on vandalism

googlefights show two to five times more results for “vandalism ‘bush signs'” than “vandalism ‘kerry signs'”

an account of a democrat candidate’s son getting in on the criminal action.

michelle malkin’s collection of
liberal attack stories, including an account of a toddler who burst into tears when her bush/cheney sign was ripped apart, and the vandalism of a september 11th memorial.

VIDEO: kerry supporter assaults a fascist bush supporter for the cameras. hey, give peace a chance!

3 Responses to ““oh, yeah! because democrats care about rights!””

  1. doug

    “dedicated to the defense of all human life”

    I’m sure John Kerry understands the deep convictions that prompt such a demonstration of faith. He is Catholic, and was an altar boy as a young man. He knows that such profound beliefs are vitally important in our communities. In fact, having served in Vietnam, John Kerry understands better than most the value of human life.

    But he can not legislate to others what is an article of faith for him. Being “dedicated to the defense of all human life” may be a catchy political slogan, but in the trenches of policy-making things are much more nuanced.

  2. anon

    And it just gets worse for Kerry:

    “He is among the most fervent supporters of abortion in the Senate, repeatedly voting for taxpayer funding of abortions, against parental notification for a minor’s abortion, and against a ban on partial birth abortion. He voted against the Unborn Victims of Violence Act, which treats a violent crime against a pregnant woman as a crime against two people—the unborn and the mother.”

    He’s so in tune with the ‘nuances’ of political trenches, he keeps actively supporting abortion. Well done, Kerry, well done.

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