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Feb 6th 2008

On to the convention?!?!

McCain won California, which I think Romney needed to go on. But it looks like the overall vote for Super Tuesday broke down 40-32-22 (McCain – Romney – Huckabee)…can that be right? Yikes!

This is going to be a long, long, long primary season.

And let’s not even talk about the democrats, where there is literally NO separation between Obama and Clinton tonight.


Double wow.

10 Responses to “On to the convention?!?!”

  1. Tornado and the Dow drops 370 on the day McCain wins the majority of Super Tuesday states? Omens?

  2. I wonder if McCain is such a divisive figure in the republican party that he is automatically and assuredly disadvantaged going up against Obama? I mean…a lot of republicans literally hate the man. Hate is a strong word, but whatever is just below that describes my feelings anytime I think about immigration or his hypocritical name calling.

    I think his only chance is if Hillary is the democratic nominee.

  3. I detest McCain’s record and policies.

    Romney made a lot of gains last night (more than Huckabee and less than McCain), and ABC news practically ignored it. Here’s what I noticed:

  4. Al

    Is that so suprising though that the media has yet again failed to give anything to Romney? I love when we hear reports about Romney and his religion and why there seems to be this prejudice against him and then turn around and say they are not ready to call michigan for Romney when 75% have reported in. Excellent! Thank you for the objective non-prejudicial commentary. And we continue to wonder why.
    I think it might have been someone here on AE that might have said the best thing for Romney would be to lose the nomination. McCain will be the GOP guy and the dems will take the white house. But the next four years and the travisties that will take place will be blamed on the democtrats. No one is pulling out of anywhere anytime soon and everyone knows it. Sure there will be draw downs, but no pull out. IF there is then I am moving to Missouri as I’m sure there will be several things to follow and I figure I might as well get ready now for the end…
    So, to my point – Romney will be able to run again in four years and be the front runner. Huckleberry will not be able to block him like in West Virginia, especially if he is on the ticket with McCain.

  5. Ha! Yeah, there seems to be this religious prejudice against Romney.. prejudice coming FROM THE MSM!

    It’s just what Romney observed about Huckabee. It reminds you of someone who stands up and says “I’m not going to call my opponent names, but if I were, these are the names I would call him..”

    What I can’t believe is how easily that seems to fly. It’s blatantly dishonest. It’s a stab disguised as nice conversation.

    It’s pathetic.

    As to your prophecy about Romney coming back in four years – I really dislike quitting. Romney is still in it. Don’t let the MSM decide the race. America still has a vote, a lot of states remaining in the nomination, possibly a brokered convention if the vote keeps splitting as it is, and no one can say with certainty that anything is decided. Where there is still a lot of place for persuasion, the collective conservative voice needs to get the steamroller for Romney really going. What started with Limbaugh and all the others who followed him to openly endorse Romney needs to spread wider and louder.

    Fight it out.

    But move to Missouri? Okay.. I hope the end isn’t *that* close.. well maybe I do.

  6. Al

    haha!! i’m hoping its not that close… i still need to get married! haha!

    i agree with not giving up. romney should definitely battle it out till the end, which he will. and so will all of his supporters. i guess i just have so little faith in mccain that if romney does not win the nomination then the democrats will win.

  7. If McCain gets the nomination, when I vote *I will write in Mitt Romney*. I don’t think I could vote for any other prominent available candidate (in either party) on good conscience. I’d still be fulfilling my civic duty to participate in the process, at the same time I could clear my conscience for any of the awful things any other candidate would try (and probably succeed in) doing to the United States of America.

    But here’s to Romney fighting back and beating what seem like odds stacked against him. Why not? McCain’s campaign was declared dead. As Medved observed (and where the heck is his Romney endorsement?), this campaign has not followed the script.

  8. N Chung

    You can also move to Argentina like Doug.

  9. doug

    I leave tomorrow afternoon from Dulles.

  10. Well what can I say anymore.

    Romney pulled out of the race.

    I’m deciding whether I would actually write him in now.

    See you in ’12, Mitt.