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Sep 13th 2005

outrageous hurricane katrina quotes

right wing news has 20 and michelle malkin suggests a few more.

here’s my, er, favorite:

“You literally cannot continue to exist unless we blue-staters give you money. The situation is that simple. You have been leeching off of us for years, and now you depend on our charity for your very lives. So if you Jesusmaniac simpletons really want that cash, you will just sit there and SHUT UP and not say ONE D@MN WORD in your defense. BUSH CAUSED THIS DISASTER. YOU CAUSED THIS DISASTER BY VOTING FOR BUSH. You don’t like that message? Then don’t take our money! If I read ONE MORE article in which a science-hating red state pundit attacks progressives, I’m going to take the money I was going to donate to disaster relief and spend it on a nice Thai meal. And I’m going to suggest that all other progressives do likewise. I’m going to say “DROWN AND DIE, YOU ARROGANT HILLBILLY SOUTHERN-FRIED LEECHES!!” — Joseph Cannon from Cannonfire explains his views on disaster relief satirizes president bush’s new amtrak housing plan for new orleans:

“Since the president takes the blame when people ignore evacuation orders, we’re making it tougher to ignore them,” said the spokesman. “Now, if you want to stay, that’s fine…but your home is going to Chicago.” [src]

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