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Feb 25th 2004

outsourcing and fascist liberal flag-waving

i attended a lecture today by economist robert crawford. the topic of the lecture was leadership and self-deception, but one of dr crawford’s side comments was most interesting to me. he asked, in the context of ‘seeing every person as a human being and not an object’, “why are our politicians so interested in bringing certain jobs back to america when they’ve been outsourced to, say, india? doesn’t an indian person deserve to work as much as an american? isn’t an indian worker as capable as an american one?”


if companies are outsourcing, they are probably saving money. i’m no economist, but that could help them hire more employees domestically in the long run. the practice also helps out foreign economies and improves the lives of individuals. [perspective on outsourcing]

one would expect the fascist, flag-waving patriots (conservatives, of which i am one) to be declaring america’s workers superior to foreign labor and more deserving of jobs. now, what’s funny to me is that it’s john kerry and other democrats who are saying this. basically, “americans deserve jobs more than people of other nationalities.”

how’s that for irony? BTW, here’s [the truth] about bush and jobs

and for more hypocritical flag-waving by those who once denounced it, there’s always the classic moment of self-destruction, caught on tape. BTW, NPR is reporting today that dr. destructo’s defunct campaign is $400,000 in debt. yeaaaaaarrrrrgh!!!

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  1. Carolyn

    The problem with politics is that both parties do what they can to appeal to American voters and not necessarily smart economic decisions. Bush, for instance, used the same approach noted by Kerry here when he placed a ban on Chinese bra imports. Perhaps we should all be libertarians.

  2. Carolyn

    Okay. So there were some typos that I don’t know how to fix. Next tmie I’lll profred.

  3. admin


    you’re right. chinese bras, russian steel, we could go on. i guess i am more in favor of outsourcing lower-paying jobs and agriculture than i am in favor of stupid politics. i’m reminded of this whenever i have to pay $5 for a small glass of orange juice at IHOP.

    but the main thing to note is that, while such protectionism is to be expected of myself, bush and other flag-waving, patriotic bigots like us, when it surfaces in democrats (who claim to be soooo concerned about the “international community”) then i really feel like pointing it out.

  4. admin

    though she pretty much refutes me, check out ann coulter’s latest article poking fun at the AFL-CIO lobby:

  5. Fascism is generally understood to be a conservative philosophy. Conservativism is a political structure based on keeping things as they are. Fascism is merely a means of achieving that end through dictatorial oppression. I think you’ll find that using the word fascist to describe liberals would be a contradiction (using the word fascist to describe Bush’s reign of moronic terror, however. . .).

    Look it up before you use it.

  6. dan,

    fascism has two central meanings as far as i can tell from looking it up, which you obviously didn’t do.

    1. nationalism
    2. retention of power by a centralized authority

    [look it up here]

    you’ll find these definitions in the list:

    “An extreme form of nationalism”

    “political philosophy or movement that places the nation or the race above the individual…belief in…racism and nationalism…”

    “An ideology that advocates extreme nationalism, with a heightened sense of national belonging or ethnic identity.”

    “A nationalist…political system”

    “nationalist or racist” was the specific nuance of “fascist” that i was getting at when i said kerry and edwards think american workers are better and more deserving of jobs than other humans.

    sorry you didn’t look it up before you said, “look it up before you use it”

  7. Al

    I appreciate this topic. As one who has experienced a small part of outsourcing, I am very much an advocate. The company that I worked for is an outsource company for business here in the states. We ourselves would then send work to our overseas offices, where labor is obviously cheaper. I noticed two things:

    1) Our business saved through outsourcing to foreign countries, allowing growth through the savings. We hired more people state-side becuase of the re-investment into the business. This domestic growth allowed for more contracts, which perpetuated the cycle; outsource, re-invest, hire.

    2) The economy of the country were we worked obviously received a great benefit in both technology and workforce training. Through these efforts in foreign countries, we bring “new technology,” or technology not previously introduced, allowing for industry growth. A new workforce was created through this technology, which created a need for training. New training allows for a more business. This new business creates better economies, improving the lives of all.

  8. Gosh, Doug, I think I’d rather look it up in the actual dictionary (which I did). I do, however, thank you for delivering, in your own link, support for my point:

    “a political theory advocating an authoritarian hierarchical government (as opposed to democracy or liberalism)”

  9. admin

    okaaaaaaayyy…[backs away slowly toward the exit without making any sudden movements or undue eye contact]

  10. Doug

    FYI: Travis is “admin”