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Feb 14th 2008

Para los que conocen a Argentina

Y para los argentinos que suelen decir que somos tan racistas los yanquis. Je.


7 Responses to “Para los que conocen a Argentina”

  1. Mucho interesante.

  2. Mason


  3. Dr. Richard Kimball

    Yo incluso entendía. Eso es malo.

  4. You stole that picture and used it against me!!!!

    The whole point was to mention that every time illegals died the news reffers to them as “An illegal immigrant died today”

  5. travis

    for what its worth: chileans do not consider bolivians to be people either.

  6. M.McD

    hilarious!! and thanks for the evidence. I can’t remember how many times I had that “pero ustedes Yanquis son muy racistas” conversation. It’s not that I believe Argentina is a racist country any more than the U.S., but that racism exists just as much there as it does here.

  7. al

    true! it exists everywhere. the dominican republic is no different. haitians are thought of the same way.