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Feb 5th 2008

please let it be romney versus obama

challenge: “name one accomplishment of barack obama’s”

supporters: [crickets]

contrast this to mitt romney’s impressive list of accomplishments.

  • mitt romney got everyone in massachusetts health insurance without raising taxes by using free market solutions.
  • mitt romney reversed negative budget and unemployment trends in massachusetts, creating a billion dollar budget surplus and moving new jobs into the state at a rate 1600% better than when took office.
  • mitt romney took over a scandal-plagued olympics (but isn’t that redundant?) and took it from -$300 million to + $100 million.
  • mitt romney turned around companies like staples and created new jobs.

again, let’s ask barack supporters to name one of his accomplishments: [“uhhhgnh…”]

i would love to see the general election come down to barack obama versus mitt romney.

One Response to “please let it be romney versus obama”

  1. doug

    Oh, snap!!!