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Nov 5th 2008

President Barack Obama

May he govern for the next four years as Barack Obama the speech-giver, not as Barack Obama the man (his record, past votes, associations, etc).

In other words, may unicorns begin to poop Skittles on January 20, 2009.

My previous thoughts still apply, of course.

6 Responses to “President Barack Obama”

  1. Easily one of your funniest lines ever on this blog. 🙂

  2. My side hurts from laughing… well done.

  3. Excuse me, sir, I find your comment extremely offensive to those whose skin colors resemble the colors red, green, yellow, purple, or orange. These are the colors of Skittles, and by suggesting that unicorns might poop Skittles, you are suggesting that people that have similar skin tone to Skittles are poop.

    Yours truly,
    Jesse/Al/Louis (and all the other race-baiters out of a job right now)

  4. Terri

    Does it hurt to be so cynical and devoid of hope?

  5. Does it hurt to be so cynical and devoid of hope?

    Actually, since my initial response, I have realized my mistake and now recognize Obama as the entity he truly is.

    “The One.”

    Now I, like he, am filled with hope and a conviction that not only will the rise of the oceans begin to slow but anything is possible in America!

    Let the skittles flow!

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