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Aug 13th 2007

Pretty Picture of the Day

May all Linux/OSS/FOSS fans enjoy this graphic as much as I do.

SCO stock crashing

Hat tip: Alejandro.

5 Responses to “Pretty Picture of the Day”

  1. Thanks for the link!

  2. Heh. Lovely sight, that.

  3. Does this company make defective servers or something?

  4. doug

    They tried to sue IBM for infringing on their intellectual property using bogus copyright claims.

    See more here.

  5. I think they’re still trying. I thought the recent ruling was their silly suit against Novell. SCO didn’t have any more of a case against Novell than they do IBM, but they had to back up their wild claims of patent ownership, so they sued Novell too. And lost miserably.