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Apr 11th 2007

Required reading for folks who want Don Imus fired

All those who have embarked on the Don Imus must be fired moral crusade should take time to read Michelle Malkin’s column. Warning, there is offensive language.

She compares what Imus said (which she despises) with the lyrical content of the top six songs on the Billboard Hot Rap Tracks Chart. Very instructive.

4 Responses to “Required reading for folks who want Don Imus fired”

  1. mullah cimoc

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  2. Matt Evans

    No matter what the outcome of the Imus controversy, one thing is very clear…Imus is now more popular, more mainstream and more well known then he ever has been, and probably ever would have been if he hadn’t made the comment. Result – Bad for his image, good for his exposure.

    He will be more successful and more listened to, where ever he ends up – wait and see.

  3. doug


    I think you’re right. Which is kind of sad (Imus being even more popular, not you being right ;)).

  4. Doctor G

    Malkin’s column just confirms that for some bizzare reason, the black community can allow rappers to insult women as well as commedians. Have we ever not heard Chris Rock, Richard Pryor, or numerous other black commedians take apart their race and ethnic backgrounds? Imus was (poorly) trying to make a bad joke using a rapper/gangsta impersonation and it really backfired. Imus was wrong, wrong, wrong… but while MSNBC did a white-bread knee-jerk, Imus will only become a sort of martyred scapegoat and instead of $20 million a year in advertising dollars, his show will probably generate even more revenue.

    Don’t be surprised if FOX isn’t trying to figure out a way to grab the simulcast rights for cable news since his morning show was doing better than CNN’s morning news shows!