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Jul 23rd 2006

saddam hospitalized due to hunger strike

and cindy sheehan is on her way to the former iraqi dictator’s side. she will reportedly offer “aid and comfort,” as well as give him the recipe for jamba juice’s “hunger strike compatible” protein smoothies and ben and jerry’s “hunger strike compatible” vanilla ice cream. hussein had been striking due to, ironically, some iraqi deaths (three of them, his defense team). he is, of course, on trial and is estimated to have killed between 17,000 and 290,000 people.

no word on whether he staged a dramatic hunger strike after any of those thousands died.

2 Responses to “saddam hospitalized due to hunger strike”

  1. LucyC

    I guess no one told Saddam the rules of the Left’s new type of “rolling hunger strike”. Silly Saddam! To actually keep on a hunger strike until he had to be hospitalized is just so unnecessary. Well, hopefully Cindy Sheahan can explain it to him when she gets there to offer him comfort…

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