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Jul 8th 2007

sanjaya solution

like doug, i, too, was fascinated by sanjaya’s improbable run on american idol. unlike doug, i did not blog about sanjaya half a dozen times. i wrote this post but never published it. i thought i had found a way for sanjaya to leave the show gracefully. –travis
i’ve got it. invite michael jackson to be one of the celebrity mentors. sure, the part where MJ gets introduced and most of the contestants shy away from his hug will be a little awkward, but think of the star power he brings.

as i picture it, he and sanjaya will hit it off immediately (they’re practically the same person). they’ll move to neverland ranch so they can be together, and we’ll never see either of them again.

unless, of course, we drive past this overpass. i have a feeling they would both fit in there.

One Response to “sanjaya solution”

  1. Do you think that Sanjaya and Esqueleto from Nacho Libre might be related? Or maybe the same person??