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Mar 9th 2009


Where the U.S. government usually consumes 21% of gross domestic product, this Obama budget spends 28% in 2009 and runs a deficit of $1.75 trillion, or 12.7% of GDP…..Add that 28% of GDP spent by the U.S. government to the 12% spent by states, counties and cities, and government will consume 40% of the economy in 2009.

[IBD Editorials, Pat Buchanan, “On the Road to Socialism? We’ve Arrived,” 3/3/09]

3 Responses to “Sca-ry”

  1. What is the ultimate goal with these people? It’s like they hate rich people that are smarter than them at making money or something??

    I mean, ultimately, what motivates people like Obama and Pelosi? They get a warm fuzzy when they see lazy people get free health care, education and housing?

  2. N Chung

    ~sigh~ That’s only for 2009, the year of the downturn. Government outlays are usually a higher percentage of GDP during recessions, because the GDP contracts during recessions. For subsequent years the figure falls back down to 22%.

  3. travis

    lol, i’m too smart to fall for that cheap economist trickery. try the next blog over, i heard they’re real gullible, chunger.